Can it be built?, Can it be tested?, Can it be repaired?

PCB Manufacturability Assessment

Dallas Electronics focuses on providing every step in the process required to bring a new product assembly to market in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our primary goal is to cut costs, shorten time to market while maintaining quality and product reliability.

Lowest Possible Manufacturing Cost
Dallas follows a strict and well-defined manufacturability assessment process that results in the lowest possible manufacturing costs for our customers, shorter development times and higher quality products.

Proper PCB manufacturability assessment results in significantly less time needed for test and debug. In addition, Dallas provides ongoing design reviews for electromagnetic compliance, manufacturability and testability.

Dallas Electronics manufacturability assessment provides critical analysis of a PCB assembly's manufacturability prior to implementation of a build.

OEMs Selecting Dallas as their EMS Provider Benefit form the PCB Manufacturability Assessment in these Primary Areas:
High relevancy meaningful manufacturability tests

Faster time to production

Multiple cycles of prototyping are reduced or eliminated

Streamlined lean manufacturing process
Potential problems are identified eliminating the prospect of rework
Lower implementation costs
Lower scrap costs
Faster time to market and faster revenue generation