Final Product Assembly - Box Build and Cabel Assembly


Complete Solutions

For customers requiring a complete outsource Dallas Electronics can provide a full turnkey solution. With 30 years experience in the box build of finished goods we are able to provide competitive and on-time electro-mechanical assembly services based upon the specific requirements of each individual product. Whether you require board level assembly only, sub-module or final product assembly - you can rely on Dallas to provide a complete custom service. Our assembly team operates as dedicated manufacturing cells, team members are multi-skilled and trained in the latest lean manufacturing principles.

Dallas Electronics Box Build Services Include:
Assemble your printed circuit boards into finished product assemblies
Cabinet, rack and backplane wired assemblies
Press-fit connectors into high density PCBs & Backplanes
In house FPGA and EPROM programming facilities
Assemble complex cable forms & harnesses
Potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking