Dallas has the Equipment to Accommodate both RoHS and Non-RoHS Assembly
Q. One client wants RoHS, another is anti-RoHS. What do we do?

A. Dallas has the equipment in place to build both.

A large number of electronic OEMs are successfully managing dual supply chains. However, for an assembly house it does require rigorous attention to detail, and at Dallas we do that well. That includes building RoHS compliant and non-RoHS compliant runs at different locations within our facility, as well as using color coding (solder masks, silkscreen, etc.) and industry-standard markings to clearly delineate RoHS compliant materials from non-RoHS compliant materials.

Environmental laws are expected to continue to expand in scope over the next several years and Dallas supports this trend. Industry insiders report that by 2010 or shortly thereafter, the control, monitoring and telecommunications exemptions in RoHS will likely be severely curtailed and new environmental bench marks including California’s own RoHS-type legislation will be in effect.

Until then you can rely on Dallas to perform your non-RoHS build as environmentally responsible as possible.

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