Dallas' Quality and Inspection Principals Improve Reliability and Increases Production


At Dallas People Create Quality

The real cost of quality isn't money. It’s poor-quality that results in extra costs for OEMs. In the Dallas manufacturing environment, quality improves reliability and increases production. Fewer defects translates to fewer warranty claims and increased customer satisfaction. Our process improvements eliminate waste, improve flow and enhance workplace safety, all contributing to the bottom line.

As surface mount technology becomes more prevalent, the pitch finer and configurations more complex, PCB inspection becomes a challenging technical task. At Dallas Electronics we meet this challenge by applying team based Continuous Improvement quality and Inspection techniques.

When a problem is identified we diagnose the situation so that our focus is on the problem, not just its symptoms. Our skilled team members and problem solvers use three clear considerations when selecting the best solution.

1. Solve the problem without causing other unanticipated problems.
2. Does the alternative fit within the specifications of the build?
Will all individuals involved accept the alternative?

Employee Involvement and Empowerment
Empowerment is based on our belief that properly trained employees have the ability to take on more responsibility and authority. To that end Dallas team members share in higher productivity and a better quality of work life.

At Dallas we foster Self-managed Process Improvement Teams that directly manage the day-to-day operation of their particular assembly process. Team members are authorized to make decisions on a wide range of quality issues. Dallas also provides team members training in the skills necessary to carry out the additional responsibilities as well as access to information on which quality decisions can be made.

Team Member Quality Management Principles Include:
• Customer focus
• Leadership
• Involvement of people
• Process approach
• System approach to quality management
• Continual process improvement
• Factual approach to decision-making
• Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

You can rely on Dallas Electronics to apply these quality and inspection principals from the moment we receive your components through shipment of your final assembly!