Dallas' Materials Management Procedures Ensure Optimum Control and Flow


Supply Chain Management

Dallas Electronics focuses at all levels on delivering contract manufacturing of the highest quality. As a manufacturer of complex high-mix printed circuit boards we understand how to manage all aspects of your project including supply chain planning, procurement and materials management.

Our streamlined organizational structure and proven component management procedures ensure proper control and flow of materials. Whether Dallas purchases the material or it is consigned, our master schedule skillfully blends automation with experienced personnel to achieve optimum performance. Inventory Control is provided for consigned material where shortages are anticipated and the customer alerted. A sophisticated MRP system networked to applicable personnel controls our purchased inventory.

Material Control
In the printed circuit board industry good inventory management is paramount. We consider material control to be real-time and have the processes in place necessary to provide accurate materials planning and purchasing including the following:

MRP (material requirement planning) based on production schedule.
JIT (just-in-time) purchase requisitions and stock alerts.
Route purchased materials through inspection and into inventory.
Allocate to a work order based on availability and bills of material.
Manage inventory details, counts, work-in-process or finished goods.
Audit trail for receiving, inspection, issuing, shipping, and returns.
Track and measure vendor performance.