Meeting Cost and New Product Time-to-Market Objectives


New Product Introduction

80% percent of a new electronic product's price lies in supply chain reliability, design and engineering. For a successful launch it is imperative for OEMs to select the right Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider. Dallas Electronics is an EMS partner who can deliver. For over 30 years Dallas has focused on New Product Introductions providing for our customers the early program life cycle support that proves critical to meeting cost and time-to-market strategies.

Experienced Prototyping and Development
A successful new product introduction demands that component supply chain, development, and assembly processes are aligned with the clients new product product strategy. As your EMS partner Dallas provides experienced prototyping and development services from new product introduction to high volume assembly.

OEMs who select Dallas Electronics as their EMS partner quickly realize the support of a team dedicated to the success of their products. We offer a streamlined prototyping process, and an outstanding delivery record for quick turn and a team with the professional flexibility to get your new products to market quickly.

Dallas EMS Customers Benefit From:
• Local, on-site prototyping
• Small to high volume assembly services
• On-site engineering, supply chain management and quality assurance
• Experienced EMS provider for high-mix, low to high volume assembly
• Focus on time-to-market